Full edit: Content/Developmental Edit/Line Edit and proof read. As many passes as needed included in price: £0.011/word. Also includes any “aftercare” e.g. issues which may pop up after beta/ARC

Line edit: As many passes as needed: £0.0055/word

Single pass proof read: £0.0036/word

Developmental edit: £0.0055/word (includes detailed editorial notes)

Also happy to work to fit your budget.

All of the above packages include consultation via email. I will always be available to answer questions, kick ideas around, make suggestions and be your cheerleader.

Please note, effective 1 February 2023:

A rush fee of £100 will now be charged for any edits requiring completion in two weeks or less.

Clients will be charged for the type of edit they selected at time of original booking. If files are received too late for the original request to be fulfilled, the original booking charge remains in place.