I have nothing but praise for Sue’s editing services – she is my go-to editor.

RJ Scott

Sue Laybourn is fab editor! She’s efficient, professional, knowledgeable, a sheer joy to work with, and knows her craft. I highly recommend her editing services.”

V.L. Locey

Sue has been beyond fantastic to work with. Always on time, a great nitpicker with an eye for detail. The turnaround is always quick and comments made clear to follow. We can recommend Sue for projects big or small with confidence.

K.A. Merikan

Sue has edited several of the books I’ve published and working with her has been a pleasure as well as a learning experience.

Sue is an ultimate professional when it comes to her edits, schedule, and feedback, not to mention a perfect saint while dealing with me and my bilingual confusion. I have no doubt her input has improved my stories and writing no end and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future. Of course I do, she makes me look my best.

Helena Stone

Sue does amazing work. She’s equal parts cheerleader and task master–a perfect mix for an editor. And she has an incredible eye for details. Even after a dozen beta readers and three friends have torn through my manuscript, she still finds hundreds of mistakes, everything from continuity errors to wonky commas. She has definitely saved me from many embarrassing moments.

Lyn Gala

I’ve worked with dozens of editors in the 5 years since being published. Sue is, without doubt, one of the best editors I’ve worked with. She has a brilliant eye for detail including repeated words, grammar, spelling, plus bigger ‘content edit’ issues like pacing, character motivations, how to include more emotions and descriptions. She worked through my manuscript numerous times, looking at copy, proofing and content edit issues in successive passes. She even included another round of edits when I received a ‘revise and resubmit’ on the manuscript. This is real added value I’ve not seen other editors offering. And it was much appreciated.

Her suggestions are always in the spirit of making my story better. She does not ‘grammar shame’ me nor does she write for me. Always striving to retain my author voice, while coaching and making suggestions to improve the book.

Editing a story with Sue feels like a partnership, a learning experience, rather than a battle or someone pointing out my failings as an author, as I’ve unfortunately experienced with some other editors. Editing with Sue was a thoroughly professional and enjoyable experience, with many teachable moments, that helped me improve my writing.

Liam Livings

Sue is an amazing editor. Not only does she have an incredible eye for detail, her intuition for making a story really shine is unsurpassed. I have learned more from Sue about how to be a better, more consistent writer than from anyone else I’ve worked with. Thank you for making my books the best they can be!

Mel Gough

Sue is a joy to work with. I know I can rely on her to whip me into shape. Firm, but with an intuitive sense for author voice and style, she remains one of my go-to editors, and will be for many books to come.

Garrett Leigh